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The name “GIRAFRICA” stems from combining Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) and Africa. The scientific name 'camelopardalis' indicates a similarity to both a camel (because of its size) and a leopard (because of its spots). The reason why the Giraffe has been chosen to represent Girafrica, is typically as described below by SA-Venues:

“Ancient cultures in Africa revered the giraffe, as some modern cultures do today, and commonly depicted it in prehistoric rock and cave paintings. Unknown outside of Africa, early written records described the giraffe as "magnificent in appearance, bizarre in form, unique in gait, colossal in height and inoffensive in character."

• The Giraffe feeds from the foliage of trees which is not accessible to other herbivores - thus feasting on the most luscious, fresh and succulent vegetation.

• It sees where other animals can’t – from high up and exceeding distances any other animal can reach.

• Giraffes are generally gentle animals that go about their business with an air of composure.

• Although they are one of the favourite preys of Lion, ever so often the Giraffe will deliver devastating blows to the predator with its forelegs and many a time lions or other predators had to back off and dreadfully came second best.

Only a few predators will attack the giraffe and if so, mostly in packs/groups. Strangely enough its main predator is regarded as being humans.